Tapioca House

Tapioca Milk Tea

A tasty blend of milk and tea. Available in different flavors and types of tea. Served with your choice of tapioca or jelly. 

Tap Calamari

A unique take on crispy chicken nuggets made from chicken marinated with a mixture of over 20 different Asian and Western spices, and fried to perfection.

House Specialties


Mint Oreo Ice cream Shake

A delicious creamy blend of mint, vanilla ice cream, topped with crushed Oreo. Served with your choice of tapioca or jelly.

Tap Crispy Chicken Nuggests

Fresh cut calamari tossed in batter, and lightly fried to perfection.

Established in March of 2002, Tapioca House has been serving genuine Taiwanese tapioca drinks and snacks to our customers. Located in Houston, Austin, and Dallas, we bring a bit of Taiwanese culture throughout the state of Texas. 

We offer many variety of teas, coffee, smoothies, and traditional snacks using top-of-the-line ingredients to provide the best and finest products to our customers. With recipes and ingredients originating from Taiwan, we bring a unique and genuine experience of Taiwanese drinks and snacks.

Tea, Coffee & Smoothies